Greetings from Ibiza! Here on this miracle island off the Mediterranean coast of Spain, more than 130 A Course in Miracles students gathered to live and experience oneness together at the beachside Hotel Cala Lenya Resort for the 2017 Ibiza Enlight Festival. In such a setting and with such a pure and unwavering intention, we could all go deeper and know what it’s like to see the light in one another and open and share our innermost truth and creativity together. In these eight days together, we stepped forward 100 years.
Carolina Corada and her staff put the perfect love and clarity of purpose into each single moment of the festival. As a result, I never saw any single “sarcastic glance” nor “bored face.” Some of our group members said that they felt emotional in the week because there were a huge amount of people and every one of them was showing limitless love, so they were often overwhelmed.
I received SO MUCH from you, Carolina. Also from Steve Thompson, Angela Truel, Ana Carolina Figueredo Duarte, all of your team, and all of your extended family, Efrat Sar-Shalom, Rosa Claudia Gómez Cacaya, Xavi Demelo, Hilda Núñez López, Andreas Prohl, Jose Luis Molina Millan, Michel Gaymard, Armin Rott, all translators who worked so wonderfully with love and certainty, and all others. It was truly my honor to be a part of you. Thank you, Gracias, Arigato!
— Yasuko Kasaki

2017 Ibiza Enlight Festival Messengers of God and Interpreters
Team Yasuko with Japanese chart created by Messenger of God Michel Gaymard of Mexico
Yasuko and Messenger of God Efrat Mar Shalom of Tel Aviv
Yasuko and Messenger of God José Luís Molina of Madrid, Spain
Yasuko and Messenger of God José Luís Molina of Madrid, Spain
Yasuko Kasaki in Madrid
Yasuko with Festival Organizer Carolina Corada and friends
A moment of spiritual connection during the closing night White Party
The Flower Power Celebration
Yasuko with Interpreter Angela Teruel and José Luís
Molina answering questions on the final day
Yasuko and the Queen of Hearts at the Festival Open-Mic After Party
Yasuko Kasaki and James Kelly, creator of the Miracle Choice game, of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland
Yasuko and Spiritual Coach Armin Rott of Switzerland
Christopher Pelham leading Healing Clinic
Yasuko greeting the sunrise in Madrid
Yasuko and Interpreter Masae Fujimoto celebrating the closing of the Festival in the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid
Interpreter Angela Teruel and Yasuko Kasaki at her first talk
Interpreter Be Pryce and Yasuko Kasaki at her third talk
Interpreter Maite Saenz and Yasuko Kasaki at her second talk
Yasuko and her students celebrating our first Jewish Sukkot holiday with Efrat and her students