Dear friends, following our healing demonstration on the stage on the first night of the 2019 CMC ACIM Conference in Boston, in which in which 400+ people joined minds and experienced a spontaneous healing, I have been invited to lead the Pre-Conference Workshop the day before the 2020 CMC ACIM Conference in Los Angeles! It’s a great opportunity to practice and and develop our miracle mindedness. Even though I will be conducted the workshop in English, a number of healers from Japan have already registered to attend so there will be a lot of experienced partners to work with!

If you’re thinking of joining us, please know that there will be 21 other amazing presenters, five of whom were not with us in Boston, and every year these conferences are intensely uplifting and life changing! The theme of next year’s conference is “20/20 VISION FOR THE REAL WORLD.”

“For forgiveness literally transforms vision and lets you see the real world … The smallest leaf becomes a thing of wonder and a blade of grass a sign of God’s perfection.” (OrEd.Tx.17.12)(FIP.Tx.17.II.6)(CoA.Tx.17.II.6)

Free Pre-Conference Workshop – Yasuko Kasaki on Thu. May 21
May 22, 23, & 24 2020 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Free Post-Conference Workshop – Lisa Natoli & Bill Free on Sun. May 24
Held at The Omni Hotel in Los Angeles CA, USA

We have a limited number of discounted tickets. Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing one! Otherwise, you can purchase tickets for the full price (currently $519, $599 from Sept 3) on the CMC web site. Please be sure to select Yasuko Kasaki in the drop-down form indicating whose group you would like to be identified with! You can learn more here!