From May 23 – 27, 2019 more than 30 of my students (including around 20 who traveled from Japan) joined me at this year’s CMC A Course in Miracles Conference in Boston. This year’s conference theme was “The Power to Heal” and I was privileged to be able to share some of my personal experiences with miracle mindedness, prayer, Sufi whirling, and healing and to demonstrate healing (with assistance from CRS healers Christopher Pelham, Naoko Ono, and Reiko Harada) for the entire conference of 400 people on the first night. And on the stage in that hall we experienced a miracle together! So many people came up to us after to share the messages they cried, felt truly joined in mind with us and received remarkable messages from spirit. Thank you, Ruby Suzuki, for the beautiful photos!

At this conference I think most everyone finally realized that healing — choosing to witness that you and I are the same as God created us — is the quickest and most effective way to let go of the blocks to our awareness of love’s presence. To see our light in others, we have no choice but to join Holy Spirit and set aside ego’s eyes and see instead through Christ’s eyes.

Every year, the American conference attendees marvel at how many students travel all the way from Japan and wonder why. Now, I believe that so many of them understand that their fellow students in Japan are, in fact, dedicated, faithful healers who travel all this way to share miracles with their siblings here. We are indeed One Mind.

After the Conference most of the group from Japan traveled to New York for further study at CRS with me and continued to share many joyful and profound experiences of healing and awakening.

Already, many of them have purchased tickets for next year’s CMC ACIM Conference set for Memorial Weekend, May 21 – 24, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA. At that conference, I have been given the honor of leading the pre-conference workshop during which I will go into more depth in teaching and demonstrating our healing practice. I invite you all to join us there and be witnesses of everyone’s shining spirits!

❤️ Yasuko